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Beat Ya Feet Academy is an organization based out of Washington DC. We represent part of Washington DC’s go-go music culture with our unique an original style of dance called “Beat Ya Feet.” 

Founded in 2021 by four members of the Beat Ya Feet community with a cemented mindset on preservation set out to preserve the dance culture in the form of education. It was important to these individuals that the dance culture would spread but there had to be some order within the community of the style at large.

We are committed to influencing the artistic growth and education of youths and young adults from all walks of life. We accomplish this by prioritizing dance as a building block and stepping stone, for developing future inspirations in a community near you.

The goal is simplistic but very impactful. We desire to engage youth and adults who want to participate in the art form of dance. We want to educate and train youth and adults in the style of Beat Ya Feet. Lastly, we want to empower qualified individuals with the opportunity to engage and educate others.


Our Mission is to effectively provide a unique series of services that entertain and educate youth through dance.


The Dance Style

What is Beat Ya Feet?

Beat Ya Feet is an art form of dance that originated in Washington, DC and is performed mostly to go-go music, a rhythmic, percussion dependent style of music (mostly played by local District bands). Beat Ya Feet has evolved overtime through the creativity of DC’s local talent.

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