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BYFA Worldwide 

The Beat Ya Feet dance style is making a global impact. With heavy influence all over the world. Meet some of the individuals responsible for helping the culture spread worldwide!

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Darryl Keith

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The BYFA Ambassador of the U.S.A.

 Darryl Keith is a professional dancer artist born and raised in Washington, D.C. currently residing in Los Angeles, California. Darryl has had the privilege of teaching Beat Ya Feet, worldwide, both physically and virtually. He’s also had the pleasure of working with Red Bull Media House, Spotify, Justin Bieber and Daddy Yankee as a professional dancer and actor. Darryl wants to cultivate a space of genuine growth for anyone seeking to dive into the style/culture of Beat Ya Feet.

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Alan "Lxrd" Piotrowski


The BYFA Ambassador of Poland

Hello, my name is Alan and I am Beat Ya Feet Ambassador of Poland and an official teacher of Beat Ya Academy. I have 20+ experience in dance. On daily basis I am dance teacher, commercial dancer and choreographer. My first contact with Beat Ya Feet style was in 2018 during I’m In Training Program Summer Edition where Crazy Legz showed us this unique D.C. dance style. I fell in love with music and whole vibe. After this I started to drill all of the moves that Crazy Legz showed to us. I decided to start doing more research on the style. I was accepted into the BYF Ambassador Program by the recommendation of Queen P so that I could start spreading this beautiful movement around Poland. Its isn’t easy work but I feel like it’s my mission, so I’m really motivated to educate those in Poland on the history and the style of this culture. In March of 2021 I became the official Ambassador of Poland with BYF Academy and I am happy that I can wake up every morning excited to spread a word about D.C. culture and represent it as best as I can.

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Diego "Josh" Souza

The BYFA Ambassador of Brazil 

My name is Diego, I am 22 years old and recently I was named Brazil’s Beat Ya Feet Ambassador. I had my first experience with this culture in 2019 and since then I just fell in love with the footwork style, the grooves and the Go-Go music. As a Brazilian I feel a deep connection with the culture because some Brazilian genres of music have a similar vibe and because of that I have been able to incorporate my own flavor to it. My most important mission right now is to spread my knowledge about the style and build a Brazilian byf scene so one day we can have events, battles, classes and so much more

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